Board Games

Whenever a person moves, it brings back so many memories that the person had forgotten all about. While pummeling through my closets attempting to pack everything, I ran across a few things that really struck a cord.

We had a slew of old board games that we used to play. Games like Monopoly, Connect4, and Sorry. These were some of the best times when we would pull these games out and play with family and friends.

Board games teach us many things that we don’t realize while we are having fun but they can really shape parts of your life. They teach us how to have a poker face that benefits us when doing sales. You gain knowledge on how one win does not mean that you will always win. Then they force us to be social with the people in our lives. By having these conversations, we learn more about the people and how their daily lives are going.

I need to make it a point to start playing more board games with people. Warning though…I am very competitive. 🙂