Deleting a Google App Engine application

When I was thumbing through the Google App Engine documentation while upping my knowledge base for my new position starting on Monday at Thrust Interactive. The tutorial got to the end sending me to page in the documentation with information on how to delete a project; however, the information was lacking.

Deleting app versions

You can find the list of your app versions in the Versions page. To delete the non-default versions, select the check boxes and then click Delete.

The only way to stop the default version of your App Engine app is to delete your project. In the Cloud Platform Console, it might appear that you can stop the VM instances associated with your default app. But because those instances are managed, they will be restarted automatically.
You can overwrite the default version of your app by redeploying the app.

This made it very difficult to actually figure out where it should be done. Eventually, after searching around I was able to find it.

You have to maneuver your way to the dropdown in the top-right corner. It says the name of my Account.


Then select the manage applications options.


There you will see the projects listed. Click the trash can next to the project that you wish to delete.