Mentoring is volunteering

People often confuse the ideas of being a mentor and being a coach. There are two very significant differences between these positions. A mentor is someone who provides advice and guidance without the intentions to make a profit or gains from the process. A coach gets paid to help you for a very specific task.

Be a tortoise and mentor someone.

New Business

So.. one of the many reasons that I started blogging again was to journal the process of building up my newest business. The name of this new business… drum roll… Geek Guy.

Geek Guy is a digital strategy agency with an emphasis on improving your business’s community, user experience, and profits.

Producing valuable applications and strategies for businesses.

We will also be creating applications of our own too! App store, here we come!

Finding a mentor

Give my Mentor Manifesto a read.

Everyone that has spoken to me for more than 20 minutes in the past two years know my interest in mentorship has steadily increased. Over the summer, I took a few large steps in the direction of boosting the concept of mentorship in Atlanta, however, life got in the way. It was hard to push these concepts when I could not dedicate enough time to them due to moving and my business.

One of my 2015 goals is to really push mentorship harder through a more active positioning than what I was able to do in the first place. In order to really follow through though, I need to find my own mentor that is willing to dedicate time to guiding me through these very tedious business problems. After solving those issues, I will dive head first into the things that I started and come to a completion with them.

Board Games

Whenever a person moves, it brings back so many memories that the person had forgotten all about. While pummeling through my closets attempting to pack everything, I ran across a few things that really struck a cord.

We had a slew of old board games that we used to play. Games like Monopoly, Connect4, and Sorry. These were some of the best times when we would pull these games out and play with family and friends.

Board games teach us many things that we don’t realize while we are having fun but they can really shape parts of your life. They teach us how to have a poker face that benefits us when doing sales. You gain knowledge on how one win does not mean that you will always win. Then they force us to be social with the people in our lives. By having these conversations, we learn more about the people and how their daily lives are going.

I need to make it a point to start playing more board games with people. Warning though…I am very competitive. 🙂

Rebooting Life

It’s been a while since the last time I blogged. Let me preface this post with an acknowledgment of missing posts. Over the past few years, I have started and stopped blogging so many times that I lost count. The older posts were completely wiped from the server so that I could start with a fresh new voice.

Yes, I am going to lose some of that SEO juice but starting with a blank slate is a requirement sometimes in life.

This is similar to something that is going on in my personal and professional life as of right now. After the “explosive failure” of my first “real” business, I am trying to re-evaluate my life and professional goals.

Making decisions for other people’s businesses seems simple, gratifying and overall less complicated; however, when it’s your own business decisions then everything becomes the biggest fear that all of the decisions will be wrong.

One decision that I have made, as of late, was to discontinue my membership to Southern Poly for an unknown amount of time (at least a semester) to focus on my business(es). Why would I stop? There were many factors that were put into this decision. Most of it was time though. Taking classes has become more of a hinderance than a benefit at the moment. When most of my focus should have been on my business, I was having to rush around to finish homework and take tests.

I love school. I have become almost a career student but there has to be that tipping point where the classroom education no longer benefits your life in a way that helps a person reach their goals. I think for most people it is beneficial to get a degree; however, I have positioned myself in a way that it really does not matter either way.

Now, I have to make many more decisions that I am completely terrified of even looking at. Taking one step at a time and figuring it all out but in the end…rest assured that I will be in a better place.