60 Day Challenge

I love a good challenge. They get my blood pumping and I get into a high-efficiency mode for some reason. That’s why a few friends and I are doing a 60-day challenge.

This challenge is about who can earn the most money in 60 days from a new service or product that they make.

The rules:

  • The product or service can’t be anything that you have made or done in the past to earn money unless you are selling it in a different way.

  • The winner will be the person who earned the most money over the course of the 60 days.

  • The person that makes the least amount of money will buy beers and burgers for the others.

  • All “losers” will need to blast the winner’s product(s) or service(s) every day for one week on social media.

I have a few ideas already that I’m going to attempt. The first one is what I am naming “Beer Money Optimizer.” This is a Chrome Extension to help people that do tasks on GPT sites to optimize their time on the sites and figure out where they are earning the most money.

I’m going the micro-products route for this competition. I’ll be building as many small products over the 2 months that I could make a few dollars from each. My theory is that this will earn more in a shorter amount of time than doing one big project.

I am also going to start up a landing page for code review services to see if I can do $99 code reviews.

We’ll see… things will change fast as I see what works and what doesn’t. 60 days isn’t long so I’m thinking that I’ll need 7 days per project to build and 7 days for marketing/sales which means I’ll probably get 4 or so micro-proudcts out into the wild.

Wish me luck!

Published 19 Sep 2019

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