My New Blog

Welcome to my very own little place on the internet.

I’ve found over the years, that I’ve constantly wanted to share things that I have learned, opinions, and just general updates. With the current social networking ecosystem, this has been hard to do since everything is scattered across the web. This blog is my way of archiving those thoughts and giving it a more presentable way for people to consume.

I mostly write how I talk so this blog is fairly unedited and unfiltered. Warning that I do use profanity and will probably not edit that out unless it becomes an issue in the future.

My main topics of discussion are the things that I love and have interest in consistently over the years:

  • Productivity
  • Self improvement
  • Technology
  • Coding

I hope that you enjoy the blog and stick around for some fun.

Please, feel free to leave feedback and thoughts.

Published 19 Aug 2019

The archive of thoughts about mostly tech, self-improvement and productivity.
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